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Our fabrics

We are a brand that is focused on using only sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics. 

Repreve is a form of recycled polyester. While regular polyester is made from oil, recycled polyester is made from recycled water bottles that could otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. To date, the company has recycled 18 billion water bottles and counting! For more information about the benefits of using recycled polyester, click here. Want to see how Repreve is made? click here 

Advantages of using recycled polyester over virgin polyester:

  • Reduces consumption and dependance on fossil fuels.
  • Diverts bottles from entering the landfill and/or ocean.
  • Takes 33-35% less energy to produce.


Reco nylon is a GRS approved recycled nylon that is made from pre-consumer fabric scraps. Reco Nylon takes left over fabric scraps and breaks them down into new nylon material. More information about Reco Nylon can be found here!

Advantages of using Reco Nylon over virgin Nylon:

  • 9x less CO2 emitted into the environment.
  • Production process requires 88% less water.
  • 100% of electricity used in production comes from renewable sources.